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EFFORTLESS - KNOWLEDGEABLE A critical part of running a business is managing payroll. Whether you currently out-source to a payroll service provider or prepare payroll in-house, Balance the Books, LLC can save you time and money you may be wasting. When you partner with us, you simply send the employee data and hours worked. We do all the rest...

  • Salary / Hourly Gross Wage Calculations
  • Bonus / Supplemental Pay Gross Up Calculations
  • Paycheck Processing / Direct Deposit
  • Timely Electronic Submission of Tax Deposits
  • Garnishments / Child Support Management
  • New Hire Reporting
  • Payroll Reports and Reconciliations
  • Accounting Journal Entries
  • Electronic Filing of Payroll Tax Returns
    • Quarterly 941s
    • Annual 940
    • Quarterly SUTA
    • Year End W2s and 1099s